Foundation Year 2


If you are ill contact your PGCM and Medical Staffing so that cover can be arranged. Your PGCM will issue further Trust specific guidance during Induction. The maximum permitted non-statutory leave during each of the F1 and F2 years is 4 weeks before it is necessary for a trainee to complete additional training in order to be signed off. Any trainee who is -or is likely to be-absent for more than 4 weeks should contact the NETFS.

You can review the guidance issued to Trusts about supporting your professional performance on the London Deanery website.

All Foundation Doctors are encouraged to have an accessible GP. We understand that some doctors like to have a GP that is not in the immediate vicinity of the hospital or practice they are working, however we would advise you against having a GP 200 miles away.

Stress, and other health matters can in some cases have a negative impact especially during big life events such as starting new jobs or obtaining positions of responsibility. Please refer to the useful links page where there is a whole section about independent organizations that can support you or see the  BMA Guidance on how to manage stress and ill health.

A helpful guide on sick leave has been written by an F2 in Bristol and is available on the UKFPO website

Flexible training

Flexible training: In certain circumstances it may be appropriate for foundation doctors to consider training flexibly for example if you have a young child / health reasons. Please refer to the London Deanery (for London Trusts) and the East of England Deanery (for Essex Trusts) for information about eligibility and how to apply.