Foundation Year 1

Special Circumstances

Special circumstances are personal circumstances that may significantly impact on your work /life balance if allowances are not made i.e. being a parent. In most cases, those who meet the criteria and are awarded special circumstances are placed in a defined geographical area i.e. near your childs’ school.

The process for special circumstances at F1 is managed via your medical school and the guidance and application forms can be found on the national allocation website. If your circumstances change after you have started in F1 please contact the Foundation School for advice in the first instance.

Flexible training

Flexible training: In certain circumstances it may be appropriate for foundation doctors to consider training flexibly for example if you have a young child / health reasons. Please refer to the London Deanery (for London Trusts) and the East of England Deanery (for Essex Trusts) for information about eligibility and how to apply.